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New Import Rules on US Horses


CFIA now requires a U-S health certificate confirming their disease-free status


You now need more informartion before importing horses from the U-S.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says you now need an import permit and a U-S health certificate confirming their disease-free status.

The changes were made after a recent positive test of a horse in Colorado for vesicular stomatitis.


The Grain Farmers of Ontario are working on a new research project in hopes of stopping soybean seedling diseases.

A plant pathologist is working on the study with experts from several U-S universities.

Grain Farmers spokesperson Mackenna Roth says soybean seedling diseases cause serious damage to crops in Ontario.

She adds little is know about how the pathogens form and cause disease.


Even though farmers in the U-S are now expecting the lowest corn yield in more than a decade -- it is still expected to be their eighth-largest harvest.

On Friday, the U-S Agriculture Department cut its estimate once again for this year's harvest to 10.6 million bushels -- the least since 2006.

Drought is the cause.

Still, if that estimate holds -- the U-S government says it will be enough to meet the world's needs and ensure there are no shortages.


A jury in the U-S has awarded Monsanto one billion dollars in a patent infringement trial against rival DuPont.

The trial centred on whether DuPont infringed on Monsanto's patent for developing genetically modified soybean seeds that can withstand the weed killer Roundup.

DuPont says it plans to appeal the verdict.


And our federal government is putting money into a Saskatoon company that turns waste flax and hemp straw into high-quality fibre.

Advanced Foods and Materials Canada is getting 500-thousand dollars.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says there's potential to turn wheat straw into a value added product used in pharmaceuticals, the oil and gas sector and in mining.



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