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Food Prices Rise Sharply


UN report blames a spike in grain and sugar prices on the severe drought in US


Some mixed results for various crops in Southwestern Ontario.

Vegetable farmers say what is separating a good crop from a poor crop is varied rainfall.

Phil Richards from the Processing Vegetable Board says peas and cucumbers seem to be at or near expectations.

But green beans have been disappointing and sweet corn is still a question mark.


The world is keeping a watchful eye on food prices.

And the United Nations says they rose sharply in July around the world after three months of decline.

The monthly price report blames a spike in grain and sugar prices on the severe drought in the U-S.

Corn prices jumped by 23 per cent -- while expectations of poor crop prospects in Russia sent world wheat prices up 19 per cent.


The Canadian Wheat Board is looking to market more than just wheat and barley.

The agency is considering launching canola pools and maybe expanding into soybeans.

Board directors have also been told come up with a plan to privatize the agency within the next five years.


And farmers in the South Okanagan region of B-C are no longer predicting a bumper cherry crop.

Recent wind storms have destroyed trees and knocked much of the nearly-ripe fruit to the ground.

Some farmers may have to walk away from their crops and let them rot on the ground.



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