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Relief Wanted for Farmers


Province asks feds to speed up tax relief for livestock producers.



The province is going to bat for farmers who are battling this summer's ongoing drought.

Agriculture Minister Ted McMeekin wants the federal government to speed up tax relief for livestock producers hit hardest by the drought.

He says the hot, dry conditions are taking a toll on crops.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper has granted pardons to farmers who were convicted years ago for taking their grain across the border to sell in the U-S.

The farmers were trying to get around a law at the time that said they had to sell their wheat and barley through the Canadian Wheat Board.

New legislation now in effect strips the wheat board of its monopoly so that western farmers can sell their grain to whomever they choose.

Farmers who still support the monopoly worry that the open market will leave them at the mercy of railways and big, international grain companies.


And a reminder from the Canadian Grain Commission.

Farmers should lean out their grain bins before harvest.

Many insects -- like the rusty grain beetles -- survived the last mild winter and now a warm summer could be helping them thrive.

Bins need to be cleaned out and treated with insecticide -- and cracks should also be sealed and repaired.



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