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New Canadian Wheat Board


Officials will announce a new corporate logo and business model



The new Canadian Wheat Board will be unveiled tomorrow.

Officials are to announce a new corporate logo and business model for agency.

As most of you know -- our federal government passed a law last year to scrap the board's monopoly on marketing Western wheat and barley.

That move will start tomorrow -- the first day of the crop year.


Insurance investigators are reviewing the information after a weekend fire near Desboro.

Two barns and a drive shed were destroyed by the massive blaze on Saturday.

Melvin Martin and his family were at church at the time -- and his neighbours helped get his cattle out of the barns and onto the field.

Martin tells us he had 61 cattle in the barns.

The cause of the fire is believed to be electrical and damage is pegged at 250 thousand dollars.

Martin's home and woodworking shop were saved -- but he doesn't intend to rebuild the barns.


Our iconic maple syrup could soon taste even better.

The federal government has announced up to 1.7 million dollars in funding to develop a quality inspection system for Canadian maple products.

Part of the funding will help Quebec researchers create a tool that will detect flavour defects and tampering.

Other money will be used to help producers tap into new markets -- such as using syrup as a low-glycemic index sweetener.


The U-S Agriculture Department says a statement on its website encouraging its employees not to eat meat on Mondays was made without proper clearance.

The posting last week was part of an internal newsletter that discusses how staff can reduce their environmental impact while dining at cafeterias.

The U-S-D-A says it does not endorse the "Meatless Monday'' initiative.



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