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Pollination of Corn Crops Successful


Finally some rain to helping corn producers.



The rain overnight is welcome news for corn producers in Ontario.

That's because corn's variability is really starting to show up after weeks without any decent rainfall.

But Greg Stewart from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture says even in some of the tougher looking fields -- pollination has been reasonably successful.

Stewart says the corn crop needs another inch of rain or more over the next two weeks to see any kind of recovery.


The drought in the midwestern United States is driving up prices for wheat, barley and canola in Canada.

Jim Beusekom with Market Place Commodities says prices have gone up between 15 and 25 per cent in the last six weeks.

He says feedlots and livestock producers are the first that come to mind -- but adds a number of industries will be affected.

And he warns eventually -- we the consumer will see the effects in the form of higher prices at grocery stores.


The U-S-D-A says deteriorating crop conditions will have a significant impact on American livestock and poultry producers.

The department's latest quarterly report says the deteriorating conditions have driven corn prices higher -- and cattle prices lower.

A stronger U-S dollar also means more beef is being imported into the States while exports are being cut back.


The Chicken Farmers of Canada are getting some money.

The federal government has announced a grant of 72 thousands dollars to help strengthen food safety systems on chicken farms.

The C-F-C says it will use the money to begin an audit of its on-farm food safety system -- to ensure the chicken industry is following safety procedures and practices.


And the growing appetite for hummus means farmers in Washington State are growing more chickpeas.

Also known as garbanzo beans -- chickpeas are made into the hummus paste that is eaten as a dip or sandwich spread.

The U-S-A Dry Pea and Lentil Council says chickpea production in Washington has grown from 10 thousand acres to 80 thousand acres.


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