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Beef Prices Expected to Soar


Drought conditions in Canada and the US leaving little to feed cattle.



We may see beef prices soar in the grocery store.

That is because of the drought conditions in Ontario, Eastern Canada and the U-S.

John Masswohl of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association says pasture land is drying out and there's little grass left in the fields for cattle to eat.

He notes many farmers have started using feed stored for next winter.

Masswohl adds farmers have some tough decisions as there may have to be aggressive culling.

He also points out with a scarcity of product -- beef prices will rise.


Hannaford Supermarkets is alerting consumers that Cargill Beef is voluntarily recalling about 15 thousand kilograms of ground beef that may contain salmonella.

The 85 per cent lean ground beef was produced at Cargill's plant in Pennsylvania in May.

The affected products have dates between May 29th and June 16th.


Soy producers in Argentina are anticipating windfall profits due to the punishing drought in North America.

Argentine soy producers still have nearly a third of their last harvest in silos and expect huge profits now that they can sell at record highs.


And this year's Cherry crop is reported to be strong.

Ontario is just wrapping up its cherry harvest -- while in B-C's -- the harvest has been underway for a couple of weeks.

Many of the large almost crunchy late-season cherries are exported to Asia, Europe and the U-S.



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