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Dry Weather Hurting Farmers


Many farmers want rain for their crops -- like corn and soybeans.



Most of the Ontario's growers say they could use some timely rains right about now.

Many farmers say the time is such that major crops -- like corn and soybeans -- need the rain to help them along.

Larry Lynn in Huron County says another concern about the hot, dry weather is the potential for severe storms -- and those could be damaging for the crops.

Lynn points out even with high crop prices right now -- growers may not end up having a great year financially if they cannot get a decent yield from their crops.


There could be a record number of crop hail claims in Saskatchewan this year.

More than 22-hundred claims have been filed -- which is at least double the typical number.

Alberta has reported 660 crop hail claims and Manitoba is approaching the 500 mark.


Canadian agricultural products continue to cross our borders.

The first shipment of Canadian lamb has successfully entered Vietnam.

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz points out it's the first ever commercial sale of live cattle or sheep to Vietnam -- and it's worth 50 thousand dollars.

Ritz calls Vietnam a door to southeast Asia for Canadian farmers and it paves the way for an expanded market.

Last summer, the Harper government secured market access for Canadian breeding cattle, sheep and goats to Vietnam.



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