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Ag Minister Confident in Horse Tracks


Ted McMeekin is confident horse racing industry will survive.



Ontario's Agriculture Minister says he's confident the horse racing industry will survive.

But Ted McMeekin says not all of the 14 tracks currently operating in the province will likely make it.

McMeekin points out the racing industry has survived all kinds of challenges over the years -- and he believes surviving the loss of income from the Slots at Racetracks program is just another one of those.

McMeekin adds the panel the government has set up to review the industry will help them develop a viable, long-term business model.


There is a new animal care program for Canadian chicken farms.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada is registering producers in this program that ensures birds are raised in the best way possible.

Chair David Janzen says about 60 per cent of chicken farms are enrolled.

The program focuses on health, cleanliness and safety -- and it outlines strict biosecurity measures to protect animal health.

It includes standards for feed and water, the environment inside the barn, animal density, catching and loading, and record keeping.


The Canadian Grain Commission is considering moving it's only southern Ontario office from Chatham to points further east.

Spokesperson Remi Gosselin says a major responsibility of the office is inspecting grain shipments for exports.

He says not much of that happens in the Chatham area anymore and most send in samples by mail or courier.



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