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Funding Cuts for Farmers Markets


NDP urges feds to continue small support to enhance partnerships



It appears the federal government is about to cut funding for Farmers Markets Canada.

The feds have invested 400 thousand dollars over the last few years to help the group develop initiatives and partnerships to enhance the industry.

New Democrat M-P Alex Atamanenko says the program is starting to show success.

So he is calling on the Conservatives to provide a small amount of funding to keep the group running for another year


The President of CropLife Canada says farm chemicals are the future.

Lorne Hepworth spoke at a Conference in Regina last week.

And he believes the use of new technologies like improved seeds and better pesticides can help feed the growing world population.


A milking-robot showdown is one of attractions planned for Canada's first Dairy XPO ('expo) in February.

The event will also feature a working cow showcase, tradeshow, expert speakers and a networking social.

Stratford has been selected to host because it's considered a hotspot of expansion.

Nearly three thousand dairy operations are within an hour's drive from the community.


Some people who have registered for the international symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare won't actually be attending the event this week in Saskatoon.

Many people from around the globe are planning to join sessions through live webcasts and recorded podcasts.

More than 450 people have signed up for the conference -- which starts today and wraps up Thursday.


And a group of farmers in Saskatchewan is hoping to break the World Combine Record.

More than 200 farmers are to harvest at the same time in an oat field north of Saskatoon on October 6th.

Toby Baerg has signed up and says many other farmers have shown interest -- but everything will depend on the weather.

The event will also help raise money for the Harvest for Kids -- which sends kids in developing countries to camp.


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