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Farmers 'Relieved' Strike is Over


Farm groups say no one realizes how dependent producers are on railways.



Canadian live hog exports are being allowed back in the Ukraine

The country is also opening its border to Canadian swine genetics for the first time.

Agriculture Canada says last year -- more than 22 million dollars worth of agriculture and food products were sold to Ukraine -- and they say that figure is bound to grow.

Canada and Ukraine are also currently in negotiations towards a free trade agreement.


Farmers can learn about getting the most out of your pasture.

There is a Pasture Walk tomorrow with Provincial Grazing Specialist Jack Kyle.

It takes place at the farm of Neil Showers and Brenda Robertson on sideroad 1 near Keady from 1 till 3 o'clock.

For more information -- call 794-2327 or 934-3122.


The National Farmers Union says the decision to approve the sale of grain handling giant Viterra to Glencore International is a sad day for Canadian farmers.

President Terry Boehm says it is grim the assets built by four generations of Prairie farmers are being sold off to an international commodity trader.

Viterra shareholders have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a 6.1 billion dollar takeover by Europe based Glencore.

The federal Competition Bureau has already indicated it doesn't plan to intervene in the sale.


The word that agricultural organizations are using to describe how they feel that CP Rail is running again is "relieved.''

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association says Canadians may not realize how dependent producers are on the railways.

The Agricultural Producers of Saskatchewan say CP Rail moves everything from wheat and barley to canola and flax.

Parliament ordered the striking workers back on the job last week.

Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt said there were half a dozen ships waiting in Vancouver to be loaded with Canadian grain.



And a bull fighter is recovering from serious injuries after he was stomped and tossed by a bull in Alberta.

It happened Friday at the Stony Plain Rodeo Grounds when a bull rider was thrown.

Three bull fighters and a rodeo clown rushed into the ring to distract the bull so the cowboy could get away, and that's when the bull charged and hit one of the fighters.

The man received a broken pelvis and several cuts.


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