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Corn Fed Beef Program Expands


Loblaws will stock corn fed beef in 46 more grocery stores.


The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program is expanding.

Loblaws will stock corn fed beef in 46 more grocery stores in Ontario -- bringing the total to 200 chain stores.

The company says there has been a positive response from consumers.

There are 500 Ontario beef farmers in the program -- and more are expected to join to meet the growing demand.


The federal government is spending money to research how to reduce the use of amino acids in dairy cow feed.

Agriculture Canada says the study will help the dairy industry better understand the link between a cow's protein intake and milk output.

That information could help increase returns for farmers by reducing feed costs.


Canadian farmers are watching U-S politicians closely as they rewrite farm legislation.

An economist with Farm Credit Canada says it is unlikely the U-S would consider cutting subsidies to crop insurance premiums.

Jean-Philippe Gervais says the subsidies represent the largest ones offered to crop producers.

Any changes south of the border will affect prices here in Canada.


As we first told you yesterday -- the Harper government has introduced back to work legislation to end the strike by almost 5 thousand Canadian Pacific Railway workers.

The strikers can be ordered back to work later this week.

Agriculture officials say a prolonged dispute would disrupt shipment of grain, fertilizer and other commodities.



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