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Gluten-Free Food Safety


Feds give 245 thousand to the Canadian Celiac Association


Our federal government has announced 245 thousand dollars for the Canadian Celiac Association to enhance existing food safety systems for gluten-free foods.

The money will help the association work with ExcelGrains Canada to develop controls for preventing gluten contamination.

Jim McCarthy of the C-C-A says sufferers need a 100 per cent gluten-free diet -- which he says is very difficult to achieve right now.


Producers who applied for AgriInvest in the 2011 program should check their mailboxes.

The Deposit Notices should arrive any day now -- with information on the amount farmers would need to deposit to qualify for matching government contributions.

AgriInvest is a self managed savings account that allows producers to set money aside to deal with small drops in income or to support investments or improve income.

Producers have the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time throughout the year.


The President of the Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association is worried a cosmetic pesticide ban might reduce the arsenal of products available to fight noxious weeds.

John Johnston says weeds such as leafy spurge can take over native ecosystems, poison cattle and chase out local species -- including some endangered ones.


The federal and Alberta governments are giving 1.35 million dollars to Lakeland College in Alberta to help develop biochar technology.

Biochar is the carbon-rich residue produced by pyrolysis -- a process of burning organic matter such as agricultural and forestry waste in a low oxygen environment.

The substance can be used to improve soil texture and crop productivity -- as well as accelerate re-vegetation of uncultivable lands.


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