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Farm Cash Receipts Up


Stats Canada says most come from higher canola receipts.


Farm cash receipts for Canadian farmers were up in the first three months of this year -- compared with the same period last year.

The overall national increase was 16.9 per cent.

Stats Canada reports Canadian crop receipts were up 25.2 per cent.

Most of that came from higher canola receipts and an increase in the liquidation of deferred grain receipts.

Livestock receipts were up 9.1 per cent -- cattle and calf receipts were up 12 and a half per cent, while hog receipts were up 9.8 per cent.

Stats Canada defines farm cash receipts as crop and livestock revenues plus program payments.

The numbers do not take into account farmers operating costs.


The organizations representing goat producers in Ontario and Quebec are working on a joint genetic improvement project.

They're getting about 278 thousand dollars from the Agricultural Adaptation Council and it's Quebec counterpart.

While genomics has become a popular improvement tool in other livestock sectors, very little research has been done on for goats.

The two-year project could help producers selecting doelings and young bucks at a much younger rate -- leading to a faster rate of genetic progress in the sector.


A Manitoba cattle farmer has been handed a 25-thousand dollar fine for a severe case of neglect that left 44 cows dead and another 117 severely emaciated.

Raymond Bernier was convicted of seven charges under the Animal Care Act.

The 64 year old is also banned from owning any animals for 5 years.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's sprayer technology program should not be eliminated.

That's according to Gerrid Gust -- the Chair of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association.

Gust says research is improving technologies on reducing drift, helping the environment and helping reduce pesticide costs.

He adds this is a program that is being well-used by farmers.



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