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Cutworms Come Back


Insects that feed on young corn plants will be a problem for farmers.


Cutworms are making a comeback.

The insects that like to feed on young corn plants appear to be more of a problem for farmers this year.

Agronomist Dale Cowan with Agris Co-operatives says the bugs are experiencing ideal weather and field conditions.

He also thinks thunderstorms have blown some adult moths into southwestern Ontario.


Hog producers appear to be a little concerned.

That's because hog pricesa are down 5 to 7 per cent in the last month.

Tyler Fulton with Hams Marketing believes the pork market is actually close to bottoming out.

He blames lower than expected exports to China and higher pork supplies.


A report by the U-S Agriculture Department is disputing a common belief that it's more expensive to eat healthy.

The study found that whether junk food is cheaper than a nutritionally balanced meal depends on how prices are measured.

Pastries and processed snacks may seem like a bargain if the price is measured by calories -- but by weight or portion size -- grains, vegetables and fruits are less expensive.


Farmers in parts of southern Manitoba are wrapping up seeding and hoping for some rain.

Farmer Nathan Friesen says an inch of moisture would do his canola crops some good.

Seed dealer Marc Hutlet is hoping for a -- quote -- "a billion dollar rain."

Manitoba Agriculture says seeding is more than 50 per cent complete.


And John Deere is posting a 17 per cent spike in profits for its second quarter.

The company is also predicting record-high global demand for farm equipment.

Deere beat Wall Street expectations on net income and revenue -- posting a profit of just over one billion dollars.

Company Chair Samuel Allen says the results are a reflection of positive conditions in the global farm economy.


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