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Greenhouse Sales Rising


Stats Canada reports value of greenhouse vegetable sales climbed in 2011.


Ontario growers led the way for greenhouse vegetable and fruit sales in Canada last year.

Stats Canada reports the value of greenhouse vegetable sales in 2011 climbed 5 and a half per cent to 1.1 billion dillars.

And Ontario growers represented over 63 per cent of that total.

It's also the 5th straight year greenhouse vegetables outsold field vegetables.

The total greenhouse area in Canada in 2011 increased to nearly 23 million square metres.


The Canadian Wheat Board is cutting hundreds of jobs as its monopoly comes to an end.

The board says the number of employees will be down to 288 by the end of the month -- and it will drop to about 100 by the end of the year.

There were 430 people on the payroll last year.

Since the 1940's -- western wheat and barley farmers had no choice but to sell through the board.

But as you know -- the federal government passed a law last year to strip the board of its monopoly and open the market this summer.


Spring seeding could be as much as a week away for some Saskatchewan farmers because of heavy rain.

The precipitation totalled nearly 50 millimetres in many parts of the province's grainbelt.

Only about 3 per cent of the crop has been seeded.


And a beef company in South Dakota plans to close processing plants in three states because of "pink slime."

It's over a product the company calls "lean, finely textured beef" -- but critics have dubbed it "pink slime.''

In the process, bits of beef are heated and treated with a small amount of ammonia.



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