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CFIA Wants Import Licenses


Officials believe it will protect Canadians from unsafe imported foods.


Consultations will begin soon for new proposed regulations on imported foods.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency wants food importers to be licensed -- and a user fee is being proposed to cover the cost of the licenses.

Officials believe it will have a minimal affect on business operations -- and it will better Canadians from unsafe imported foods.


Accolades for Ontario's Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

The 46 year old program -- which links seasonal farm workers from other countries with jobs at Ontario farms -- is being praised as a model for the world.

The program allows farmers to hire workers they might otherwise have trouble finding.

And officials claim for every worker employed, two Canadian jobs are created in the agrifood industry.


A large federal grant is on its way to Olds College.

Almost a million dollars has been allocated for a new, three year project to improve cattle feed efficiency.

The project will involve a partnership with industry and the University of Alberta.


Farmers in Manitoba are making considerable progress.

The Agriculture Ministry reports seeding is now about 55 per cent complete in the northwest.

And the majority of flax and sunflower acres in the east are now seeded.


The U-S Department of Agriculture has released its April supply demand estimates.

The report says corn stocks were left unchanged at 801 million bushels -- and wheat ending stocks were inline with expectations.

Soybean supplies were cut from 275 million bushels in March to 250 million.



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