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Local Cattle Sale


Grey-Bruce Livestock Co-op hosts the first cattle sale of the year


The Grey Bruce Livestock Co-Operative is holding it's first cattle sale of the season today.

It takes place at the sales barn just south of the Wiarton gates.


Some concern for fruit growers in our region and across southwestern Ontario.

A surprise freeze over the weekend damaged some trees.

Apple Specialist Lesley Huffman admits the frost came at a bad time.

She claims not all trees were affected to the same extent -- and they won't know the extent of the damage for a while.

Huffman adds the apple crop was pollinating well despite the cold weather.


And appeal hearings on U-S country of origin labelling legislation are underway in Geneva.

The U-S is appealing a World Trade Organization ruling that said COOL discriminates against Canadian livestock.

The hearings wrap up today.

John Masswohl of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association says the Canada is confident the original decision will be upheld.

The C-C-A claims COOL costs the Canadian cattle industry more than 100 million dollars per year.


And the Canadian Cattlemen's Association wants to redevelop the beef cattle Code of Practice.

It is a guideline of best practices and recommendations for raising livestock.

Ryder Lee of the Cattlemen's Association says they have an online survey where producers and the public can have some input.

The survey is on the National Farm Animal Care Council website.

Lee wants to have a draft of the new cattle Code of Practice ready by later this year -- and the final code ready to go public early next year.


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