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Corn Hybrid Seeds Low


Replant options may be limited if early planted corn taken out by frost.


A warning for corn growers in Ontario -- hybrid seeds are low this spring.

The Ministry of Agriculture's Greg Stewart says that means replant options may be limited if early planted corn gets taken out by frost.

He's advising producers to restrict any early planting to only a portion of intended total acreage.

Stewart is reminding growers that corn planted before April 25th does not often out yield corn planted in the more traditional April 25th to May 10th window.


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says the province's animal cruelty laws treat livestock and poultry producers unfairly.

Vice President Debra Pretty Straathof says in some cases -- farmers are being unnecessarily targeted while using standard animal care practices.

And that turns into unwarranted farm inspections.

She says the federation wants to ensure inspection and enforcement officers are accountable.

The federation says it also wants clear and fair rules regarding entry to farms and assessment of farm animals.


A warning from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

Its report says Canada's restrictions on dairy and poultry production could hurt efforts to take advantage of Asia's growing demand for food products.

The federal government is keen to have Canada included in a new Pacific free-trade zone.

But the Council's report warns that Canada could be sidelined by supply management systems that protect dairy and poultry farmers.


And the federal government is spending 2 and a half million dollars to help a private vegetable processing plant in Manitoba expand its operations.

The Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products will use the cash to build up its factory in Portage la Prairie.

The plant produces vegetable and fruit puree products.



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