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Pork Markets Are Changing


Asians and Hispanics are the biggest buyers of pork products


Canadian pork producers -- your markets are changing.

Consumer expert Robert Hermanns says the fastest growing segment of the market in the U-S is Hispanics.

In Canada it's Asians.

And he says each group has its own particular dietary preferences.


The federal government is finding some opposition to its plan to change the Canadian Grain Commission to a fee for service.

The National Farmers Union notes the 100 year old grain commission is the final authority for grain grading and grain inspection in Canada.

And the NFU says it's always been publicly funded in recognition of its value to farmers, customers and the Canadian economy.

The group fears a fee for service would promote a private grading system and hurt farmers.


Another court battle is shaping up over the future of wheat and barley production in Western Canada.

8 former directors of the Canadian Wheat Board are appealing a recent court ruling regarding the end of the board's monopoly.

The court ruled the government was well within its rights to allow western farmers to sell wheat and barley without going through the board, starting August 1st.


Mustard -- it's not just for hotdogs and hamburgers anymore.

A researcher at the University of Alberta researcher has discovered how to extract a compound from mustard seeds that can protect against food spoilage.

Christina Engals found -- sinapic acid -- which shows antibacterial effects against deadly staph infections, E. coli and Listeria.

Canada is the world's largest exporter of mustard seed.


And greenhouse vegetable and flower growers in B-C will get 7.6 million dollars in relief from the controversial carbon tax this year.

The province is providing the temporary funding to reduce the cost of natural gas and propane used by growers.


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