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Ag Department Awaits Cuts


Conservatives say 19 thousand jobs will be cut in Ottawa


Some people are waiting to see if the recent federal budget will lead to job cuts in the agriculture department.

The Conservatives say they will  trim the number of jobs in Ottawa by 19 thousand.

Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz says farmers and food processors won't be hurt -- and that the budget cuts will be made on the administrative side.


We are hearing more from critics about the dangers of spreading sewage sludge on Ontario farm fields.

Maureen Reilly of the group Sludge Watch says it doesn't make sense to allow the kinds of contaminants -- like pharmaceuticals -- that are routinely in sewage sludge onto farm fields or pastures.

The province insists any drugs found in the sludge are at levels that meet safety standards.

Sludge was recently classified as a nutrient in Ontario, and the management of its use belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture.


Potato farmer Hank Tepper is back in Canada with his family, but his legal problems are far from over.

A source close to Tepper says an Interpol red notice issued by Algeria remains in effect and the notice says he could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

The New Brunsick farmer arrived at the Ottawa airport Saturday after being held in custody in Beirut for a year.

He was picked up on an international arrest warrant on allegations he exported rotten potatoes to Algeria in 2007 and forged export documents.


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