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Livestock Transport Rules


Feds developing standard to make shipping farm animals more humane.


Our federal government wants the livestock and poultry industries to do a better job of transporting live critters.

The National Farm Animal Care Council and other groups are developing a national standard designed to make shipping the farm animals more humane.

The feds say changes are needed to deal with public concerns about how farm animals are transported.


The Saskatchewan government wants to know how a proposed takeover of grain handler Viterra by a Swiss company will affect the province.

The government is reviewing the 6.1 billion dollar deal that would see Viterra acquired by Glencore International.

Premier Brad Wall says the review will look at whether jobs will be lost and how the deal will affect Saskatchewan's economy and revenues.

A report is expected to be in the government's hands by May 7th.

The federal Competition Bureau will do its own review -- but it's not clear how long that will take.


The Canadian Wheat Board is moving on with a new plan to market western wheat and barley.

The board says it will offer both pool and cash contracts for the crop year that starts August 1st.

It will also sign agreements with grain handling companies -- including competitors --  as it deals with a newly open market.

As you know by now -- the Harper government passed legislation late last year that stripped of the board of its marketing monopoly.


A final decision from the World Trade Organization on U-S country of origin labeling rules for meat products could be made before the end of June.

Washington is appealing a W-T-O Dispute Panel ruling that mandatory label policy discriminates against Canadian livestock.

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association has already spent around 3 million dollars fighting the legislation, and the group is promising to continue the fight.

It's expected that written submissions will be made by both countries before mid-April -- with oral hearings later this spring.


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