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Annual Politicians Meeting


Bruce, Grey Federations of Agriculture get together to host politicians


It was a packed house for a meeting of farmers and politicians.

The Bruce and Grey Federations of Agriculture hosted Saturday's meeting between farmers and municipal, provincial and federal government representatives.

Bruce Federation President John Gillespie thought it was very productive.

Most of the talk surrounded wind turbines, but there was also discussion about the future of local abattoirs and agricultural research.

Gillespie says farmers at times -- lead the way in all types of research -- and he considers it money well spent.


The news of free trade negotiations being opened between Canada and Japan is being welcomed by Canada Beef.

President Rob Meijer is hopeful the news will ultimately lead to Japan allowing full market access to Canadian beef, which would boost value and volume of Canadian exports.

Canada exported 81.4 million dollars worth of beef to Japan in 2010 -- and Meijer estimates that amount could shoot to 125 million if there's full market access.


There's still a large global wheat supply -- but winterkill reports from Europe and the Black Sea region confirm significant winter wheat crop losses.

It means wheat prices are up about 11 dollars per tonne in this month's price outlook from the Canadian Wheat Board.

There's also concerns about dry conditions for seeding in parts of the U-S northern plains and Canada.


The Calgary Stampede has been honoured with an Award of Distinction.

Alberta Farm Animal Care says over the past few years, the Stampede has implemented a number of new initiatives to enhance its animal welfare.

Paul Rosenberg of the Calgary Stampede notes they have also developed codes of practice -- and they have made numerous changes to rodeo and chuckwagon events.


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