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Poultry Production Up


More consumers looking for cheaper protein options turn to poultry


Poultry appears to be the big winner as consumers look for cheaper protein options.

Canfax Research reports poultry production around the world was up 3 per cent in 2011.

Officials also project production will increase 2.3 per cent this year.

The largest growth regions are China, Brazil and Russia.

U-S poultry is still banned in China and Russia -- so officials say the American industry will still be challenged with limited export access as well as higher feed prices.


A reduced diet for pigs in the nursery stage won't necessarily mean a reduced weight at market.

That's according to a study discussed at the recent Centralia Swine Update in Kirkton.

Crystal Levesque of the University of Guelph says that finding could translate into significant savings in feed costs.

She says the down side is that the reduced diet seems to make the pigs less robust and more susceptible to disease in the nursery stage.


What's going on in South America continues to have an impact on grain market prices.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario says the lack of rain has prompted the U-N's agriculture agency to predict Argentina is going to have a lower corn harvest this year.

That's supported the corn prices in Chicago.

Analysts Ahmed Chilmeran says the fact there was some rainfall in South America appears to have improved soybean crop prospects there.

That put soybean prices under pressure.


A Calgary woman has a sweet plan to encourage people who live in urban areas to raise honey bees.

Eliese Watson says an investment of roughly 150 dollars per colony and another 350 dollars for equipment and hives will get you started.

But she says people need to learn about the life cycle of bees and their importance to the ecosystem before getting involved.

For more beekeeping information -- you can check the website


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