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Wheat Stocks are Higher


But corn, canola, soybean, and oat stocks are down


Wheat stocks in Canada are higher -- but Corn, Canola, Soybeans and Oat stocks are all down compared to this time last year.

Stats Canada reports total corn stocks were down by about 4 per cent at the end of December.

6.8 million tonnes was sitting in farm bins at the end of the year -- with Ontario leading the way in on-farm corn storage.

For soybeans, stocks are down a little less than one per cent, but on-farm stocks jumped a big 20 per cent.

Commercial soybean storage is down 27 per cent.

Total stocks for canola and oats in Canada is also down.


Some of Canada's food industry leaders are meeting today.

The Canadian Food Summit is being held in Toronto and continues today and tomorrow.

They will talk about the quality of food and its availability as well as rising food prices.

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association is also holding its annual general meeting in London.

It begins today and continues tomorrow.


The MP for Bruce Grey Owen Sound sees no issues with Canadian ethanol policy.

Conservative Larry Miller -- who also heads the standing committee on agriculture -- says a recent report by the George Morris Centre is forgetting some of the benefits.

For one, grains producers aren't looking for a hand out because they are able to make a profit.

And two, is the fact it isn't costing the government money to subsidize the industry, because increased tax revenues pay for any subsidies.

The report from the George Morris Centre says Canada's ethanol policy is negatively impacting the country's livestock sector.


Some Alberta farmers say they're headed for disaster if they don't get some snow.

Doug McBain says he's already kicking up dust on his property, and adds he's only gotten about half the usual precipitation.

He says it's not critical yet, but it is a concern.

Fires are also a worry, with several fire bans in place in southern Alberta.


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