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Beef Recall Expands


Country Morning beef patties have been recalled across Canada


An ecoli scare with Country Morning beef patties has been expanded.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and New Food Classics first issued the public warning last week.

It said do not consume certain Country Morning Beef Burgers in one kilogram packages -- as well as no-name Club Pack Beef Steakettes in certain 2.27 kilo packages.

The expanded warning now includes some Country Morning Beef Burgers that were also sold in 2.27 kilogram packages.


There is research being done on a disease that's carried by sheep with no ill effects -- but can be fatal to bison when the two species are kept close together.

The Saskatchewan government is funding the research.

300 thousand dollars will go towards the study into Malignant Catarrhal Fever.

The ministry is now accepting research proposals.


If you missed the news on the weekend -- a judge in Manitoba threw out a bid to suspend a new federal law ending the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly on western grain sales.

Eight former board directors asked for an injunction -- arguing the government didn't hold a referendum among producers before ending the monopoly.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the judge found that section of the wheat board act did not apply.

The federal government aims to have an open market for wheat and barley by the next crop year -- starting August 1st.


And a farmer's battle with Monsanto is now the plot of a play that's just debuted in Toronto.

Monsanto took Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser to court in the late 1990's for using its genetically modified canola seeds without a licence.

Schmeiser said the seeds had blown in from another field -- but the Supreme Court eventually ruled that he had infringed Monsanto's patent.

The play is titled "Seeds'' and is based on court transcripts and interviews.

Acclaimed Canadian actor Eric Peterson plays the role of Schmeiser.



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