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Canada Works with Serbia


A memo of understanding has been signed on agriculture between two nations.


Canada has signed a memorandum of understanding on agriculture with Serbia.

It has two components which are effective immediately.

The first is an agreement on export of animal genetics to Serbia, while the other is an exchange of farm information, technology and products between the two countries.

The Canadian Livestock Genetics Association estimates this new agreement could mean more than 6 million dollars worth of additional exports by the end of 2013.


Agriculture in the Classroom organizations have launched the first ever Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week in over 300 schools across the Country.

It's a hands-on program that encourages children to learn about and celebrate agriculture in various ways.

That includes reading books about farming, watching videos and meeting with farmers.

An important element to the success of the program is the connection between students and local farmers.


A veterinarian and several livestock operations in Manitoba are facing federal charges following a two-year investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Court documents allege that hundreds of cattle were illegally exported from Canada into the United States between February 2008 and August 2009.

Apparently the ages of the cattle were inaccurate.

The CFIA argues the allegations have the potential to cause serious disruptions to the export of Canadian cattle to the U-S.

In 2003, the U-S government banned all imports of Canadian cattle following the discovery of BSE -- but the bans were lifted in stages in 2005 and 2007.


Billionaire Bill Gates has pressed U-N food agencies to become more efficient in helping poor farmers.

Gates also wants to set up a kind of accountability "report card'' system for countries receiving aid.

The Microsoft founder is giving nearly 200 million dollars in grants from his foundation to fight poverty around the World.

Gates says U-N food agencies need to improve co-ordination among themselves.

He also wants to know from countries that receive aid what they have accomplished with the money.



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