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Bean Producers Merger


Coloured Bean and White Bean Producers associations to join


A vote will be held in the fall on a merger for Bean producers in Ontario.

There is a plan for the Coloured Bean Producers to join the White Bean Producers Association.

Officials will vote on the merger in November.

The former chair of the white bean group, Bob Fotheringham, says the move makes sense for both organizations.


Viterra is expected to soon reach a strategic agreement with the Canadian Wheat Board.

Last week, the board reached an agreement with Cargill where farmers who market through the board will have access to grain elevators owned by Cargill.

Viterra President Mayo Schmidt says his company is holding similar talks with the Wheat Board.

Viterra is the largest grainhandler on the Prairies.

The Wheat Board's marketing monopoly ends on August first.


The President of the Canadian Wheat Board is optimistic it will be business as usual when the agency's marketing monopoly ends on August first.

Ian White says he has been able to contact Canada's major grain customers, and they still want to do business with his agency.

White says the newly re-vamped Wheat Board will be unveiling its farm marketing programs over the next few weeks.

White adds off-shore support for his agency gives him a lot of confidence for future grain sales.


And the Alberta government says it is welcoming news that China is allowing Canadian beef tallow into its market for the first time in nearly a decade.

The province says that before the B-S-E crisis in 2003 -- Canada's exports of beef tallow to China totalled 31 million dollars.

Officials in Alberta are hopeful China's announcement is a step on the way to regaining full market access to the country.

China is Alberta's largest agricultural export market after the U-S.


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