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Livestock Care Conference


North American cattle producers will meet in Alberta next week.


Cattle producers from across Canada and the U-S will be at a conference next week in Alberta that looks at livestock.

The annual Livestock Care Conference is being held in Red Deer on March 21st and 22nd.

Among the issues that will be discussed will be the rising expectations of cattle retailers and consumers.

Other topics include industry innovation, as well as challenges producers in the United States and European Union are facing.


Our federal government is giving Maple Leaf Foods some funding to upgrade processing facilities in Manitoba.

4 and a half million dollars will go to towards buying and installing new equipment for Maple Leaf's plants in Brandon and Winnipeg.

Doug Dodds of Maple Leaf Foods says the company's total employment in Manitoba will grow to 4 thousand.


An exhibit is now open at the Guelph Civic Museum that showcases the history of the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph.

The exhibit honours the O-V-C's 150th anniversary.

O-V-C was founded in Toronto in 1862 to train people to look after horses.

Its focus later broadened to farm animals and agriculture and O-V-C moved to Guelph in 1922.

Displays feature historical photos, a look at today's veterinary practices and the life of a veterinary student.


There may be a big future in small potatoes.

Saskatchewan has supported a series of studies to find the best small potato, and finding ways to grow them.

One high-yielding clone which is expected to be released shortly will be Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's first low glycemic index potato.

Saskatchewan Agriculture says the market for small potatoes -- often called creamers -- is growing due to a consumer shift away from fried or processed potato products.


Farmers at the Florida Strawberry Festival say this year's larger than expected harvest means turning a profit will be difficult.

In recent years, Florida farmers have grappled with extreme cold and lost crops, and 2010 was an especially bad year.

But despite a bumper crop of berries between November and February -- Peggy Parke of Parkesdale Farms says there's an influx of Mexian strawberries that are keeping prices down.

The glut is good for berry lovers -- roadside stands in Florida are selling 3 and a half kilograms of berries for 5 bucks.


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