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Soybean Producers Look Overseas


Grain Farmers of Ontario say Japan, the EU and Southeast Asia are key growth markets


The CEO of the Grain Farmers of Ontario says Japan, the European Union and Southeast Asia are key to the growth of this province's value added soybean industry.

Barry Senft is among those in the industry welcoming an 88 thousand dollar investment from the federal government.

The money goes to the Canadian Soybean Council and the Canadian International Grains Institute.

They'll use it for trade missions, international trade shows and to welcome industry delegations to Canada.


The New Democrats in Saskatchewan say food should be as much a strategic benefit for Canada as potash.

The comment comes amid reports Swiss commodities trader Glencore and U.S. agribusiness Cargill are possible bidders for grain handler Viterra.

The N-D-P says the issue for Canada is about who controls the flow of grains and oilseeds -- and control is lost if every company that farmers sell grain to is foreign owned.


Traffic on the 401 near Iroquois in eastern Ontario is running smoothly this morning -- it was shutdown yesterday after a transport carrying a load of chickens overturned.

Police and Ministry of Transportation workers tried to contain the birds.

Ministry of Agriculture workers were also called in -- and they spent most of the day rounding up the poultry.

The truck driver was not seriously hurt.


Seed giant Monsanto plans large scale tests this year of the first U-S government approved biotech crop developed to deal with drought.

The new corn is being introduced as much of the U-S remains abnormally dry and areas in the South and Southwest still face severe drought.

Monsanto says the corn won't be a panacea for drought-stricken farmers -- but when combined with improved farm practices -- could help those in areas like the western Great Plains, where production without irrigation can be half as much as the national average.

The St. Louis-based company plans on-farm trials from South Dakota to Texas to quantify how well the corn works before releasing it commercially next year.


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