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Fighting for Farm Research


New GFO Chair says agriculture research funding is a priority.


The Grain Farmers of Ontario says it will continue to push both the provincial and federal governments to keep research as a high priority.

New Chair Henry Van Ankum -- who is from Alma -- says investing in primary agriculture research should be a top priority.

Van Ankum says they'll make the case for why research should not be touched as both governments look to make massive cuts.


A couple of big farm meetings continue today.

Fruit and Vegetable growers in the province started their convention yesterday and it continues today in Niagara Falls.

The Ontario Cattlemen's Association annual general meeting also continues today in Toronto.

The group is celebrating its 50th year.


More than 150 participants will gather for the Canadian Organic Science Conference in Winnipeg this week.

They will share new developments in organic bread, fruit, vegetable and wine production.

The two-day conference is part of the Canadian Organic Science Cluster -- a national initiative in strategic research in organic agriculture.


The federal and Saskatchewan governments say there will be no ad hoc programs for weather-related farm disasters this year.

The province's 2012 crop insurance program has been outlined.

Coverage levels are increasing to a record high of 174 an acre -- up one dollar from last year.

Another change is that producers will have the option to purchase additional coverage.


And Cargill Limited is ceasing production at its Winnipeg East facility effective March 1st.

The facility is an 8 thousand tonne elevator with crop inputs and a dry fertilizer plant and shed.

According to Cargill, the facility no longer meets the company's stringent standards for operating safe, cost effective and efficient farm service networks across Canada.


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