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Super Fruit in Canada


Doctor Oz profiles sea buckthorn berry and says Canada is expert.


Supporters of the Canadian Wheat Board have launched yet another court challenge.

The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board has filed a class-action lawsuit in Federal Court -- asking to restore the board and give farmers 17 billion dollars in damages.

The action is separate from a lawsuit launched by wheat board supporters last month -- which seeks 15.4 billion dollars in damages if the wheat board is dismantled.

And another court challenge, launched in December, asks the Federal Court to declare government changes to the board illegal.


A new super fruit may be on the horizon.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says it got phone calls from around the world after the Doctor Oz Show had a piece on how sea-buckthorn berry may help prevent wrinkles, constipation and aid in weight loss.

The Agroforestry Development Centre in Saskatchewan is identified as one of the experts in that area.

Sea buckthorn is a dense, deciduous shrub with orange berries that are loaded with vitamins.

In fact -- a single sea-buckthorn berry has more vitamin C than an entire orange and more vitamin E than a carrot.


Scientists at the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine are getting more attention on the potential health benefits of pulse crops.

The Centre is using a portrait of Mr. Bean -- the character portrayed by British actor Rowan Atkinson -- but he is made out of 5 thousand beans.

YouTube's view count of "Consider the Bean'' is over 30-thousand and rising.

Dried beans -- referred to as pulse crops -- are actually the edible seeds that grow in pods on annual plants, bushes, or vines.


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