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Wiarton Feeder Sale


Grey Bruce Livestock Co-Op holding annual Wiarton Feeder Sale.


The Grey-Bruce Livestock Co-Operative is holding its annual Wiarton Feeder Sale this week.

It begins at 10 o'clock Thursday morning at the sales barn located just south of the gates of Wiarton.

If you want more information -- call Paul at 376-7658.

The Co-operative is also holding its annual calf sale on Thursday October 27th.


The Wellington Federation of Agriculture is holding its monthly board meeting today.

It takes place at the OMAFRA boardroom in Elora.


Health officials in the U-S say a novel strain of swine flu has sickened two children in Pennsylvania and Indiana, although both have recovered.

One had contact with pigs.

The other is believed to have been infected by a caregiver who had contact with pigs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the new virus contains a gene from the H1N1 swine flu, plus parts of other viruses that have infected pigs over the last decade.


The Keystone Agriculture Producers in Manitoba says the top priority for farmers heading into that province's provincial election is the need for a water strategy.

President Doug Chorney says it's been an usual summer with floods and now a drought in parts of Manitoba.

Chorney says that with climate change -- experts are saying these sorts of events will become more common and that water will become a precious resource.

He says maybe instead of trying to get rid of water as fast as possible, we need to look at ways of storing it.


Warm and dry weather in many areas of the province has allowed Saskatchewan producers to combine 21 per cent of the 2011 crop.

Last year at this time -- only 8 per cent had been combined in Saskatchewan.


Ranchers in the Cariboo region of B-C say they're relieved that they'll be able to hunt and trap wolves preying on their cattle.

This summer, the Ministry of Forests and Lands eliminated any bag limit and will keep the wolf hunt season open indefinitely in that region.

Critics say the open season is bad management based on poor science.

Biologist Paul Paquet says an open hunt could see young wolves from disrupted packs hunting the easiest prey they can find -- cattle.



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