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Plowing Week Begins


A week of plowing in Owen Sound begins today.


A week of plowing in Owen Sound begins today.

The annual North Grey Plowing Match will be held on the farm of Percy Warrilow on Superior Street.

It will set up the Canadian Plowing Championships that will be held Thursday to Saturday across from OSCVI and the hospital.

Carrie Davenport will compete today in the North Grey Plowing Match -- and she will also represent Ontario at the Nationals later this week.


The President of the Canadian Wheat Board says there could be problems if this is the last year the board is in operation as the single desk seller.

Ian White says those who object to selling through the board could sit on their crop until the monopoly is scrapped.

He says the board has taken measures to retain staff and will just have to wait and see how much grain farmers choose to deliver.

This could be the last full calendar year of operation for the board, if Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz keeps his promise to end the monopoly next August.


It was a small crop with lower quality grain -- but the Canadian Wheat Board says the crop year that ended July 31st was still the fourth highest on record.

Western wheat and barley growers earned about 5.8 billion dollars from the board for the year.

President Ian White notes that both volume and quality appear better this year, while prices have remained fairly high.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the board can't take credit for the high prices -- he says farmers are the ones responsible for the world class wheat.


The Universities of Guelph and Manitoba will be involved in research to develop a super honey bee that can ward off disease and pests.

They will be working to find which bees are most pest-resistant in order to stop a decline in recent years of honey bee colonies.

The federal government is putting up 244 thousand dollars in grant money through the Ontario Beekeepers' Association -- which will help scientists engineer the new super insect.

The grant will also help researchers screen new products to control pests and diseases and help beekeepers better manage their colonies.



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