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Canadian Swime Health Board will help safeguard herd.


World Vision Canada is worried about how the latest crop forecast figures from the United States will affect needy people.

The U-S Department of Agriculture indicates farmers will harvest less grain and soybeans than expected this year -- signalling high prices and low supplies.

World Vision Canada feels this could mean the difference between life or death for hundreds of thousands of people in Eastern Africa.

But Spokesperson Wendy Therrien points out it could also mean higher prices for Canadian consumers.


There's a new organization working to improve and safeguard the health of Canada's swine herd.

The Canadian Swine Health Board is looking at developing three programs for the hog industry.

One would deal with biosecurity and best management practices.

Another will focus on circovirus and emerging diseases and a third will target long term disease risk management strategies.


The federal government is now preparing to study the financial impact of the move to end the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on western wheat and barley sales.

The Agriculture Department is looking for firms to tally the wheat board's assets and liabilities -- and to examine the effect of open sales.

But some feel the study should have been done before deciding to change the wheat board.


Federal politicians joined about 300 farmers in Manitoba this week for a meeting about the future of the Canadian Wheat Board.

The meeting was the third in a series of seven meetings across western Canada aimed at informing farmers about how Ottawa's plan to scrap the board's marketing monopoly will affect them.

Most of the people who attended the meeting support the board -- but there was also a handful of producers who approve of the Conservative government's plan.


Business is booming at Alliance grain traders.

The Regina based company has announced second quarter profits of 4 and a half million dollars -- compared to 2.3 million for the same period last year.

Alliance is a specialty crop exporter with facilities in many parts of the globe.


The U-S Department of Agriculture has released its latest crop production figures.

The U-S-D-A estimates corn production of 12.9 billion bushels -- down from July's mark of about 13 and a half billion.

The soybean crop is estimated at about 3 billion bushels -- which is down from July's projection of 3.23 billion.

Yields for both crops are also less then expected.


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