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Beef Business Overseas


Canadian beef business is looking overseas.


The Canadian beef business is looking overseas as it adjusts to the weight of the sky high dollar, soaring production costs and sagging profit margins.

One ballooning export market is Russia -- which saw sales increase almost tenfold last year.

Observers say the country's growing middle class is looking for new proteins to pile on its plates.

It's part of what many in the beef and cattle business expect to be a long-term trend that will rely more on Canadian beef being sold to Asian and developing markets as sales to the United States sag.

Travis Toews -- the President of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association -- expects developing countries to be a key source of growth in the future.


The Manitoba Pork Council is condemning an incident in the province where pigs died of heat stroke.

Mike Maurice was fined 5 thousand dollars after dozens of pigs he was transporting to a packing plant in sweltering summer temperatures died.

He pleaded guilty to violating the Health of Animals Act -- while charges against his trucking employer were later stayed.

The Pork Council says the deaths are an aberration and are completely unacceptable.


Some fruit and vegetable farmers in British Columbia are enjoying a bumper crop -- but it isn't the case for everyone in the Prince George region.

A delayed spring, copious rain and unseasonably cool temperatures seem to have washed out any hope crops will thrive.

One farmer -- Robert Bucher -- expects to lose 70 per cent of sales or worse.

But just south of the city -- Sweder Berries U-Pick and Northern Farm Products are watching a thick crop of produce come to fruition.

Bucher is calling on the B-C Ministry of Agriculture to shore up financial help for local farmers.


Milk costs more in New Brunswick this week.

The New Brunswick Farm Products Commission says the increase will help offset rising costs for producers and processors.

Consumers can expect to see a hike of four cents a litre.

School milk prices will also rise in September.


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