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Wheat Board Vote Begins


Farmers voting on future of Canadian Wheat Board.



The vote on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board has started.

Those who like the board argue its monopoly insulates farmers from selling at a loss when markets are low.

Opponents say the monopoly is unfair and restricts farmers from marketing their grain to the highest bidder.

Federal Ag Minister Gerry Ritz has already said he will ignore the results of the plebiscite.

Farmers who want a say on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board must apply for a ballot by August 8th if they haven't already received one.

To be eligible to vote -- farmers must have grown either wheat or barley in the past five crop years.


About 650 pigs died in a barn fire in Exeter.

A volunteer firefighter actually discovered the fire while on his way to work early yesterday morning -- and alerted the sleeping family to the blaze.

The barn was completely destroyed -- and the Fire Marshall's Office is now investigating the cause.


Interim federal Liberal leader Bob Rae wants information for farmers who are dealing with flooding in Saskatchewan.

Rae says there is no excuse for the wait since there are programs already in place so
governments can quickly respond to disasters.


The United Nations says there will be a donors pledging conference tomorrow in response to the food crisis in East Africa.

The U-N Food and Agriculture Organization says the aim of the conference is to raise as much as 1.6 billion dollars to help fight famine in Somalia and other drought stricken areas.


And the U-S Department of Agriculture is reporting the lowest cattle herd in the country on record.

The USDA puts the number at 100 million head -- the smallest since mid-year records began in 1973.




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