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Barbecue and Pasture Farm


Bruce Beef Barbeque and Pasture Farm meeting is tomorrow.


The annual Bruce County Cattlemen's Beef Barbeque is coming up this week.

It's being held tomorrow at the Chesley Community Centre.

It's the 40th annual event this year and it begins at 5:30 tomorrow -- there will be a dance to follow the meal.


The Grey Dufferin Community Pasture Farm is holding its twilight meeting tomorrow.

It takes place at a farm on Southgate Road 12, just west of Grey Road 8.

The meeting will start with dinner at 6 PM followed by a wagon tour at 7 PM.

For more information, call 923-3232


And our federal government is giving more than 18 million dollars to help improve meat processing plants.

10 million is going to Hylife Foods in Manitoba to upgrade equipment in its hog processing plant.

St. Ann's Foods of Etobicoke is getting nearly 3 million dollars to expand its facility to include production lines for steak cuts, meatballs, burgers and meat loaves.

Two plants in Quebec will also receive funding.


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