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Some Farmers Want Rain


Some Ontario farmers concerned about lack of rain.


Some Ontario farmers are getting concerned about the lack of rain.

It has been several weeks since Eastern Ontario got a good soaking -- and soybean, corn and wheat crops are suffering.

Lloyd Crowe of Picton says the crops are getting very thirsty.

Crowe says farmers with irrigation systems for raspberries are thinking about using them because of the lack of moisture.

He adds most grain farmers have crop insurance, but they hope they won't have to resort to that.

Crowe notes the dry weather comes after too much rain in the spring caused farmers to delay planting their crops.


About 300 restaurants across Canada will honour the country with a special all-Canadian menu on July 30th.

Food Day Canada was founded in 2003 by Anita Stewart -- a culinary writer and consultant with the University of Guelph.

Stewart says the day is a way to celebrate Canadian-grown food and the people who grow it.

Stewart asks if we don't keep our farmers in business, who will feed us?


The deadline for farmers to receive a cash advance from the 2011-12 pre-harvest Advance Payments Program is now August 31st.

Applicants can receive up to 400 thousand dollars.

The first 100 thousand is interest free.

The after-harvest program begins September 1st.


The Manitoba Beef Producers wants the province to eliminate the two dollar a head check-off collected on sales of Manitoba cattle.

The Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council has collected millions of dollars from producers with the check-off fee.

But the beef producers say they have not seen a benefit from them.


And a biologist from Concordia University wants more recognition for bees.

Melanie McCavour is asking for pollinator diversity to be protected under NAFTA.

She says there should also be a study to determine the exact dollar amount pollinators contribute to our economy.

The current estimates of the value of global farm production from natural crop pollinators are in the neighbourhood of 250 billion dollars.



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