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Pork Congress Begins


38th annual Ontario Pork Congress begins today in Stratford.


The 38th annual Ontario Pork Congress begins today.

Hundreds of pork producers will attend the two day showcase to look at different technologies, services and products.

There are also dozens of exhibitors who will be on hand today and tomorrow at the Stratford Agricultural and Recreational Complex.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has approved RIB technology for Monsanto's Smart Stax corn starting next spring.

Mike Nailor -- the trait marketing lead with Monsanto -- says the non-Bt refuge variety will now be randomly distributed throughout the field.

Nailor says it will make farmers' lives a lot easier because they will no longer have to plant a separate, structured refuge.


The Manitoba government is fighting the federal government's plans for the Canadian Wheat Board.

The province is launching an advertising campaign that says Ottawa will destroy the wheat board and hurt farmers across Western Canada.

The federal Conservatives have promised to end the wheat board's monopoly on grain sales and allow farmers to sell independently.


Farm groups from 60 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe want more work to be done for food stability.

Officials gathered yesterday in Brussels to press their governments not to let trade agreements undermine the ability to provide food security and stability.

They also want governments to pay attention to the needs of agriculture.


A Vancouver based company is expanding its operations in Texas.

There will be year-round production of food crops at a new hydroponic greenhouse expected to begin early in 2012.

The new greenhouse will cost 42 million dollars.

Village Farms is one of North America's largest producers of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers.


Officials have ordered an eradication program and quarantine of a eight-kilometre area in California due to the discovery of a second European grapevine moth.

The Santa Cruz County Agricultural Commission says larvae on the grapevine can damage the crop and cause serious losses for growers.


Jeff Crump has an ambitious vision for what is now an uncultivated 40-hectare farm northwest of Hamilton.

The internationally trained executive chef and his partners want to combine a thriving restaurant business with an organic farming operation.

Crump says it will teach the public about sustainable agriculture and the appeal of locally grown food.

That means fields of planted crops, greenhouses, cooking and urban agriculture classes in the barn, children's gardens, dairy cows, maybe grass-fed livestock wandering the fields.

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