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Hanover Broilers Renovates


Chicken company will go high tech with new barns.


Work is about to begin on the Hanover Broilers chicken operation.

The company is replacing its four large chicken barns with three new barns.

Owner Henry Lansink says the new barns will offer the latest in technology which should help air circulation and reduce odour problems during the summer.

He is happy to receive Hanover Council's approval for the project.

Lansink says their Neustadt area operation will house 96 thousand chickens.

The construction will start in June -- and is expected to take between 6 and 8 months to complete.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the country will lift its ban on grain exports on July 1st.

The government banned exports of wheat, barley, rye, corn and flour in August after a severe drought and heat wave cut the country's grain production by 37 per cent.

Russia is the world's number 3 grain exporter and world wheat prices soared after the ban was announced last year.


A drought throughout much of northern Europe this spring is starting to hurt upcoming harvests and efforts to bring food prices down.

France's Farm Minister reports rainfall is down 50 per cent from normal levels across northern Europe since March.

A drop in crop yields would push up prices despite the news of good harvests that are expected in major wheat producers like Russia and Ukraine.


A meat market in Steinbach, Manitoba that does its own meat smoking often prompts calls to the fire department from people who see smoke and assume something's wrong.

But the smoke coming out of Earl's Meat Market last week turned out to be from a real fire.

The fire was in the attic where the smoker is located -- but there is no official word on the cause of the blaze.


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