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Fill Out Agriculture Census


Stats Canada wants farmers to fill out important census.


Census of Agriculture forms have arrived in producers' mailboxes.

Stats Canada's economist Erik Dorff says they know spring is a busy time for farmers, so they don't have a fixed deadline.

Dorff says the census is an essential tool for understanding Canadian agriculture.

He notes the database goes back more than 100 years and it captures trends in what farmers are growing to in-depth information on farmers are faring financially.

The results will be released in May 2012.


Farmers in Manitoba say a planned release of flood water will destroy the best agricultural land in the province.

Officials in Manitoba say they are likely to begin releasing water from the swollen Assiniboine River today.

The province says breaking through a dike near Portage la Prairie is a last resort and will only happen if the river and flood control measures can't handle the increased flow.


The Canadian Wheat Board says light rain and moderate temperatures have combined to stymie the general commencement of seeding across the Prairies.

While some farmers have begun to plant, seeding is estimated to be only 3 per cent completed for all crops -- compared to typical progress of almost 40 per cent by this time in other years.


The CEO of Agrium expects demand will soon pick up for the crop nutrients his company sells.

Mike Wilson says 40 per cent of the corn crop is planted right now -- but historically, it should be at 60 per cent.

Wilson said severe flooding in Manitoba is having a -- quote --"slight'' -- effect on Agrium's operations, and has been more or less localized.

He notes floods south of the border are also expected to have a minimal impact.

Crops prices have been high across the board, and farmers have been eager to get their seeds in the ground so they can reap the benefits.


Corn surpluses in the U-S are expected to increase higher than anticipated this summer and grow even more next year.

The U-S Agriculture Department reports that corn reserves are projected to increase to 730 million bushels in late August -- when the harvest begins.

That's up from last month's estimate of 675 million bushels.

The government estimates the large corn crop being planted now will help drive the corn surplus back up to 900 million bushels by late 2012.

The price of corn affects most products in supermarkets.

Corn is used to feed livestock and chickens and is the main ingredient in cereals and soft drinks.


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