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No Union for Farmers


UFCW loses battle to allow farm union, but not giving up.


More than 80 thousand Ontario farm workers have lost the right to unionize.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled a provincial ban on farm unions is constitutional.

Stan Raper is the National Co-ordinator for Agriculture Workers at the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

He says they will lobby the province to introduce legislation to allow farm workers to form unions.

Raper says if nothing happens -- they may support the NDP in the Ontario election.


There has been a strong response to the Saskatchewan government's 22 million dollar Emergency Flood Reduction Program.

It provides technical and financial assistance to protect homes and businesses against flood damage.

Almost 200 municipalities and 260 farmyards have now received engineering advice.


About 120 jobs will be on the chopping block when Olymel closes its chicken processing plant in Quebec.

Olymel says the plant will shut down in August but a nearby distribution centre will continue to employ 15 people.

The company says most of the work will be transferred to another Olymel plant in Quebec.


Some students in Manitoba will be selling fresh vegetables instead of sweets this fall to raise money for school projects.

A program called "Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraiser'' will provide locally grown carrots, onions and potatoes in a recyclable shopping bag that students can sell for 10 dollars.



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