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NDP Attacks Ag Cuts


NDP claims Conservatives will cut money from AG Canada.


Federal NDP candidate Grant Robertson is calling out Huron Bruce Conservative MP Ben Lobb and his party for short changing farmers.

Robertson notes the proposed Conservative budget would have cut 418 million dollars from Agriculture Canada.

Robertson says the bulk of those cuts would come out of Business Risk Management programs.

But he warns those programs are key to the success for farmers.


New codes of practice, fresh thinking, economic opportunities and a high level of industry engagement are all driving a new generation of farm animal care.

Developments on each of these fronts took centre stage at the Livestock Care Conference recently in Alberta.

More than 150 producers, industry representatives and animal care advocates took part.

Cattle producer Allan Preston says farmers have the opportunity to prosper and profit by producing products that have a higher attributed value.


A seven member jury made up of Canadian cheese experts selected Louis d'Or the grand champion from among 17 category winners in the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

Louis d'Or is a milky rich cheese made in Quebec.

The cheese gets its name from the Louis d'Or farm, which produces the organic milk used to make it.

The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix is organized by Dairy Farmers of Canada and is held every two years to showcase cheese made from 100 per cent Canadian cow's milk.


Sales are brisk for Royal Wedding Marmalade at a farm market near Burlington.

The special spread is made by Laura Hughes and her husband John who sell it at Sprigridge Farm.

They're even trying to send a dozen of the jars to Britain as a gift for William and Kate with the help of their local M-P.

The Royal Wedding Marmalade isn't available online yet -- but they're hoping to set up a system in time for the royal couple's visit to Canada in July.


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