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Veggie Prices to Drop


Vegetable supply improves after cold snap in U-S.


Some good news for shoppers.

A nearly 50 per cent increase in vegetable prices should come to an end soon.

The U-S Commerce Department says vegetable prices shot up last month after cold weather in the southern U-S and Mexico destroyed much of the winter vegetable supply.

Growers and analysts say costs should be coming down soon as crops farmers planted after the winter freezes start to reach stores.


The federal government is giving more than 1.9 million dollars to the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association to help boost exports to global markets.

The money will go to trade shows and missions, training and education seminars and developing new markets for semen and embryos.

It will also go to doing market assessments for India and emerging markets in South East Asia -- including Thailand and Indonesia.


Poultry and egg producers are applauding updates for the maximum payable compensation for birds destroyed for disease-control purposes.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced the changes last week.

Turkey Farmers of Canada Chair Mark Davies notes farmers and processors have shared in the responsibility and cost of risk prevention -- and says compensation values that reflect the true market value of a bird are a logical next step.


The Royal Red Arabian horse show is leaving Regina.

The Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show -- also known as The Royal Red -- is moving out of Regina after 22 years following a rental dispute.

An official with the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, says they have had preliminary discussions about holding the show there.


And the federal and Saskatchewan governments are providing 600 thousand dollars in funding to 74 producer-led projects in Saskatchewan this summer.

Some of the approved programs include examining grass midge control and studying faba beans as green manure source and evaluating new insecticides for pest control in alfalfa.


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