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Canadians Lead Popcorn Charge


Canola Oil from Canadian company could make movie popcorn.


North American movie theatres could one day be popping with canola oil if a Canadian-based company has its way

Richardson Oilseeds has developed a canola-based popping oil and topping called Pop-It and Top-it.

Vice President of Nutrition, John Haen, says canola oil is only about seven per cent saturated fat.

That looks pretty good when you compare it to the typical popcorn oil -- coconut -- which is 90 per cent saturated fat.

He says the cost difference is only about a penny a bag.

Richardson Oilseed says it will be promoting the products at the CinemaCon tradeshow in Las Vegas next week.


Canada Gold Beef has shipped 120 tonnes of Canadian hormone-free beef to the European Union since duty-free access was negotiated last year.

Canada Gold Beef is based in Alberta and supplies premium branded beef products to both domestic and international markets.

The E-U is one of Canada's largest international markets for farm exports -- in 2009, they were valued at two and a half billion dollars.

It's estimated the new duty-free access for beef could be worth more than 10 million a year for Canada.


Today is the last day for farmers to sign up with the Canadian Wheat Board's flood mitigation program.

The program is open to producers who may be in danger of losing accepted grain due to spring flooding.


The Egg Farmers of Canada have a new frontman.

Nova Scotia farmer Peter Clarke has been named Chair -- taking over from Laurent Souligny who had served 11 years.


A fire on a Manitoba Hutterite colony has killed eight thousand chickens.

R-C-M-P say the blaze broke out at the Hillside colony near Brandon.

Damage is estimated at more than half a million dollars and the cause is still being investigated.


And the U-S government is predicting that corn and soybean reserves will be higher than initially estimated -- easing some concerns about rising food prices.

The Agriculture Department reports there will be about 123 million tonnes of corn left over after this year's harvest.

It also says there should be about 58.3 million tonnes of soybeans left over.


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