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Mixed News in Federal Budget


Not everyone is happy with farm platform in Harper budget.


The Harper government's proposed new budget contains goodies for fruit and hog producers.

The feds say it will spend 17-million dollars over five years to help fruit farmers fight plum pox.

The disease hurts plum, peach, apricot and nectarine orchards.

There is also 24-million dollars over the next two years for improving the health of hogs.


Three farm groups are not happy with the federal budget.

Ontario beef, pork, grains and oilseeds producers say the Conservative budget fails to deliver a long term solution to survive the unstable market.

Ontario Cattlemen President Curtis Royal says they were looking for a commitment for an insurance based risk management program.

Leo Guilbreault from Ontario Grains and Oilseeds says they appreciate the dialogue with politicians -- but the need for a solution is urgent.

The groups say they will re-double their efforts as it appears both a federal and provincial election will be held this year.


The federal government is spending about one million dollars to help the dairy industry.

The money will be used to research new technologies to increase the profitability of dairy farms and protect the environment.


If you look outside -- it's not hard to believe predictions by meteorologists that spring seeding will be late this year.

Drew Lerner with World Weather predicts some producers won't be able to seed until May.


And the St. Lawrence Seaway opened this week -- and officials hope to ship more cargo this year -- including grain.

Canadian Wheat Board CEO Ian White says they ship up to 3 and a half million tonnes of grain to markets through the Seaway each year.



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