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Couple Wins Tommy Cooper


De Jong family from Dundalk wins prestigious farm award.


The prestigious Tommy Cooper award goes to Paul and Dorien de Jong of Dundalk.

They have been actively involved in farming, their church and minor sports in their community and both say they are thrilled with the honour.

Paul was the youngest President of the Grey County Federation of Agriculture and is now actively involved in organic farming.

His wife Dorien was the first female and youngest President of the Dundalk Agricultural Society -- and is still actively involved in farm and minor sports groups.

The Tommy Cooper award has been handed out annually since 1959 to people who have made contributions to agriculture and rural living.

Long time Federation of Agriculture Secretary Donna Spitzig was also honoured last Friday with the Award of Merit.


There is a farm debate today.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and opposition party critics are going to hold a debate in Ottawa at 11 o'clock today.

Some of the issues include trade, environmental sustainability and a national food strategy.

The debate will be webcast live on the Canadian Federation of Agriculture website.


A leading food security expert warns that a catastrophic global food crisis is inevitable unless there's widescale co-operation among nations.

Doctor Robert Thompson has extensive experience consulting on farm policy.

He predicts food security issues will deepen as the world's population is expected to grow by 2.6 billion people by the year 2050.


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