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Use Weeds To Dry Fields


Weed Control Specialist says use weeds to dry fields before seeding.


A weed control specialist suggests producers use weeds to dry out their fields before seeding.

Clark Brenzil says delaying burnoff will allow the weeds to use water and dry the soil faster.

He advises holding off on the burnoff until the field is accessible by ground equipment for seeding.

Brenzil says it was common last year to see crops with wet feet.


An organics watchdog group's criticism of a cereal company that describes its products as "all natural'' is the latest in the debate about whether the term is being used to confuse consumers or simply give them more information.

The Cornucopia Institute recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Hearthside Food Solutions -- makers of Peace Cereal.

It claims the company promotes its cereals as being made with pesticide free ingredients when they're not.

Cornucopia and others argue it's an example of the way some food manufacturers try to attract customers who may think buying natural means they're buying organic.

The organization was especially critical of Hearthside because the company previously sold organic cereal before switching to conventional ingredients.


A new pilot project is being established in Saskatchewan to recycle plastic grain bags.

The Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification hopes to collect up to 2 thousand tonnes of plastic -- which will be sent to a plant in Calgary for recycling.

A spokesperson for the council says a number of machines are being built right now to help compact and roll the grain bags.


A Maple Leafs Foods plant in Nova Scotia that was facing closure will now have a new owner.

Eden Valley Poultry announced last week that it was buying the plant -- where Maple Leaf had said it would end processed meat production at the end of April.

The new facility is expected to be operational by early summer 2012.


The board of dairy producer Parmalat has moved a shareholders meeting in order to buy time to block a move by French investors to take over the company.

The delay buys time for Italian investors to counter the French move, and prevents Lactalis from seeking immediate management changes.


The United Nation's environmental agency is warning that the world's bee population is likely to keep declining unless humans change the way they manage the planet.

The report says North America, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia have been affected by losses in bee numbers.

It called for farmers and landowners to be offered incentives to restore bee habitats -- including key flowering plants.

The U-S Department of Agriculture says the population of honey producing colonies have dropped to 2.5 million in 2007 from a population of 5 and a half million in 1950.

The report says of the 100 crop species that provide 90 per cent of the world's food -- more than 70 are pollinated by bees.


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