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Lookout For Triffid


Reminder from Flax Council to test flaxseed for Triffid.


The Flax Council of Canada is reminding farmers to test flaxseed for the presence of Triffid prior to seeding.

The Council and Canadian Grain Commission websites both have instructions on how a producer should sample his or her seed before it is submitted to an accredited lab.

Producers are eligible for a 50 per cent discount on the cost of testing pedigreed and farm saved seed.

If you remember -- the European Union closed its border to Canadian flax in 2008 after traces of the genetically modified Triffid variety were found in Canadian shipments.

There is no threshold level for Triffid -- if there is any amount of Triffid -- it is considered positive and should not be planted.


A study in Alberta will test about two thousand samples for scrapie.

The study will determine the prevalence of scrapie in the sheep population at slaughter.

Goats will be included in the near future.


The U-S government is predicting farmers will increase this year's corn crop -- but it won't likely be enough to stem the rise in food prices.

The Agriculture Department says farmers intend to plant 92.2 million acres of corn this spring -- that is 5 per cent more than last year.

That would be the second biggest corn crop since 1944.


Alliance Grain Traders has reported a major reversal in its fourth quarter earnings.

The Regina based pulse processor and exporter put its net loss at 397 thousand dollars -- a far cry from the 15 million dollar profit for the same 3 months in 2009.

Sales revenue was 169 million dollars -- up from almost 155 million.



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