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New Measures To Protect Food


MP applauds move to list rule breakers on CFIA website.


Our federal government is turning up the heat on companies that do not follow food safety regulations.

They will now be named on the website for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller tells us we will be able to see the list of names -- and so will the stores we shop at...

Miller says too many food companies try to boycott the rules in hopes of cutting costs, and we are the ones who pay in the long run.

He hopes this new threat will keep companies focused on food safety.


Shippers got some of what they wanted -- but not all.

The final report of a rail freight service review will see the federal government bring in legislation to guarantee their right to service agreements with railways.

Shippers want service agreements that set out what the railways must deliver and penalties if they fail to live up to those commitments.


Construction starts this fall on the new dairy research and teaching facility at the University of Saskatchewan.

The new location will accommodate 100 lactating cows, with robotic and parlor milking.

The existing facility was built in 1972.


Mounties say they've heard from at least five producers who claim they're owed money from a livestock broker.

They involve Winnipeg based G and M Livestock.

The broker Gerald Ballegeer says his problems are a result of others not paying him.



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